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    Nov 20, 2013
    My recent batch of button quails just hatched and most of them are doing really great, but some eggs were starting to hatch and just stopped. I have seen breeders tell me this has happened and they usually would wait before they would interfere and hatch the eggs by physically removing the pieces of shells with hands. This is my first time dealing with this, so I only helped one egg hatch and the baby is not standing, his eyes are closed, he's still very red and bloody, and he's breathing rapidly, but can't hold himself up. It's so sad and I've already witnessed 2 deaths [​IMG] which is a tragic thing for all brooders. Anyone know if he'll be alright??? This would help a great deal, and thanks in advance!!! [​IMG]
    Also when I put the babies in the brooder, is it ok for them to have their water dish over night in there or should i remove it? I hear a lot about putting marbles in there which i did, but there is a small section not covered, I'm not sure if i should worry about this, any info???
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