Button quail floor question


5 Years
Jul 12, 2014
Central Wisconsin
I do not have button quail, but I have a friend who does. I found this cage on CL, and would like to know if it would work for them, or if the slats would be too big for their feet. I'd ask her, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it for myself since it is a nice cage. :p (If you're reading this, pretend to be surprised if I turn up at your house with it, lol)

I have some cages that look a lot like that, but I only use them for budgies. I wouldn't keep button quail on wire, they have such tiny, delicate feet. I would always make sure they have bedding, and the tray in those cages isn't nearly high enough to keep the bedding in when they dust bath in it and such. I also don't think they are large enough for buttons. Some keep them in cages that are even smaller than that, but IMO they should have more space to roam. And the last issue is the wire top. I don't think they'll kill themselves on it, but I have kept quail in a wire cage before and they lost the feathers on top of their head, I'm pretty sure that was from boinking into the cage top.

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