Button Quail Housing. Will this work ...

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This is a plastic box that I have. Will this work for a pair of button quail? Thanks.

This is a pic with the lid open.

Your though's would be great.
I would say yes..people keep them in fish tanks... so... yeah..i'd say it will work.
You'll need bedding on the bottom though..
I would cut out a square in the top and put mesh there, or else you'll have a build up of humidity and condensation.
Another concern might be head bopping since they jump up when they're scared, or escaping... since they jump up when scared and it opens on the top.
I was going to cut a hole in the top and put wire, and yes again I had considard the poink - factor ...
I know that the quail will need bedding, what kind of shavings do I use for bedding?
Any top opening habitat where you must raise the lid to clean, add feed or water is an escape waiting to happen.
Button Quail have Fright Flight instincts and their first direction is straight up. If the lid is down the hit the roof (Boink)
If the lid is open better grab a net and watch the cat.
Also IMO your birds sight range would be greatly hampered with this as a permanent home. Even if you did ventilate the top
with screen you may still get ammonia buildup unless your shavings were changed frequently.

Just my 2 cents,
A fish tank would pose the same issues. Top entry and ammonia buildup.

Your best bet is a cage with a small front opening door. Also a removable tray to change shavings.
If you could find a cheap regular bird cage you can remove the bottom grating that is usually in them so they are on the very bottom.
Buttons are not happy on wire floors. Their little feet are not made for that type of flooring.
I have modified 7 regular bird cages, they come apart fairly easily.
If you PM me I could give you the name of where you could buy a cage designed specifically for Button Quail.

Would it be better just to build something? I have a rabbit hutch that has really small wire on the bottom. And there is a run under the hutch and up in the 1st story is a room with just wood on the bottom that is draft free ... Would that work?
I agree that a cage that has the opening in the front not the top, or even use something that you can put on the side, a fish tank can be tilted on the side and make a front out of very small caging, and an open door in front.

If you are not willing to clean it out every 3 days or so, then use a cage because of ammonia build up.

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