Button quail in chicken egg turner?

I don't recommend putting two in a cup. Even with three eggs in a cup they just slide around and fall out, especially when the turner turns them far enough. I honestly don't know how people make it work with putting multiple in a cup, since for me they eventually just fall out, its frustrating and takes a while to put them in there. I recommend just doing the tissue paper idea that I think I told you about in another one of your posts, that way you can put one in each cup and they don't fall out.

You probably already know what it looks like, but above links to a pic of the eggs in the turners
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It's just going to be a simple frame with wooden dowels to make rows that I can move back and forth. Not fancy by any means but it should do the trick.
Maybe one day. Lol. I'm going to have between 50-70 eggs in my next batch and I really don't want to turn them all individually. That would suck. Lol.

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