button quail pair just started laying eggs


Jul 19, 2016
My little quails just started laying the day before yesterday. I've had them since Feb and had given up on eggs and hadn't been giving Cal supplements, just turkey grumble as the main diet. Sprouts, seeds, crickets and some fresh fruit and veggie as a treat now and then.(hope she will be ok) Since the first egg I added cooked eggs with shells and oysters shells ground flaxseed to the daily diet. The eggs look fine ?? I think. she has laid every other day so far. I don't know if they will care for the eggs the male makes a nest and rolls the egg around sits on them for a few seconds and calls her over. She doesn't seem to concerned with the egg(yet read they will fill the nest first) but I have 7 days to get set up to care for the eggs(I read its 7days). They didn't have an incubator at the feed store when I looked today going to call around tomorrow (one won't ship in time)I also add a nest box with hay and put the first egg in. Just three sided box no top, she does lay in it(well the second egg) but the male moves the eggs out so I just put them back (don't know if that's ok) if anyone has any advice or if I should change diet. When/if I get incubator in time just checking temp 99.5 to 101 humidity is it 50% till last 3 days and 70% (can it be higher than 50% to start) any advice at all
Please post on the "Quail thread," just put that in the search box and it will pop up. I don't know anything about quail but, the folks there certainly do.
Hi and welcome to BYC - DDiva has given you good advice.

Best wishes

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