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Personally, I do think charging $20 or more for one pair is a bit outrageous, especially when you can buy lots of eggs for less than that. Even if you are the worst hatcher in the world, you're bound to get a few to hatch.
Pricing really depends on location. I don't even bother trying to sell mine locally, I'd be lucky to get $1 a piece for them. This is why I don't bother hatching eggs...no place for the 'extras' to go.
id be more than willing to take some button quail eggs, as i could get ones from local stock yard, but when they sell, they are outrageously priced as adults, and usually in bad shape as well as not labeled correctly sold as high end egg producing courtnix courtnix, the japanease egg laying quail... the pet stores also, bleh (course i know nothing about them, only knowing one my uncle had in aviary as kid. figured they mare either slightly better r worse as house pets than chickens, either being in small flocks of a few hens to cock at least, to five at most).
Here is my deal with selling pairs. I bought birds or eggs from people who housed in pairs, great bloodlines, brakenridge and lebaron among others, the pairs I sell will be $20-$50 as that's their value. It's like show chicken...even with coturnix, you get your eggs and birds from top breeders, you should sell at that price.

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