Button quail project! W0OT!

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    Button Quail Project!
    (also on my BYC page)

    First off a little about me. I have 2 cats that lives in an apartment in NYC. My mom isn't too happy about the current pet addiction, but she tolerates it. Anyway, this is my plan for making the incubator.

    Egg Purchase:

    I need up to a dozen button quail eggs (not including extras ) for up to $12 shipping included to 10013 Manhattan NY. PM me or post on the thread if you have an offer [​IMG]

    Placement and security (kitties):

    It will be on a bookshelf shelf right next to my desk. Unfortunately, my desk is a piece of wood in front of a window on top of an AC. [​IMG] I know this will cause temp. spikes and sunlight invasions, but, I think this can be fixed with towels. The door will always be closed and I will let them know that this area is off limits to cute cats. Also, an aquarium will be nearby and some fish bowls too.

    Heating and humidity:

    The lid is made of cardboard with aluminum foil covering the side facing the inside. There is 1 layer of styrofoam on the inside walls except the roof. I am probably going to use a 7 watt bulb. On one short side it will be lying on some aluminum foil. There will be a dish with warm water next to it and another smaller one if necessary. It will be fenced off with thin spaced wire. I want to get some sort of tube connecting to the dish so I can easily refill it without opening the lid. Wires will just come out the cracks in the lid. Plenty of ventilation will be made by the gaps in the lid so no fan is necessary.

    Egg turning:

    I can either lay down a scrunched up towel or get quail egg cartons (I live in Chinatown) The cartons are made from clear plastic and I will cut part of the bottom out. Or just styrofoam. A question about the carton is, how would I turn it? I know you can make turners with cartons, but if I can't do that, how can I turn them? I know with the towel you put it on it's side and turn it 180 degrees...


    The lid is made of cardboard, so I can peek through a crack or crack open the lid a tiny bit.


    I have a bunch of paper cups so I can cut a small hole for the egg and place the flashlight under the cup. Then, lights off, flashlight on, and presto! Hopefully I will be able to see something. [​IMG]


    -What wattage lightbulb should I use? 7 watt or 25 watt? 7 watt seems to be working right now

    (someone maybe could tell me how to do that? hehehe [​IMG]

    Whew, I think that's all for the incubator right now. Answers, feedback, and criticism are much appreciated. [​IMG] Later when I have time I will add my cage plans (I promise it'll be shorter than this). After that, the log journal will be written. I will also take a stab at convincing mom to let me keep the "innocent tiny little cute birds" that "you will never have to work for". [​IMG] If I can, cage plans will include their final cage, most likely the bookshelf fenced off with tiny spaced wire. [​IMG] Then I will write updates on them as often as possible. I hope you liked this!

    I'm so sorry flockwatcher! Really, honestly sorry.
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