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Nov 8, 2021
Hello, can anyone give me some advice on how to separate a group of button quail, please?

I have 6 quail, all aged around 8 weeks old, so becoming mature. They all got on fine in a large cage until about a week ago when the alpha male (Banana) started bickering with another male (Dragon). So I have been planning on splitting them into couples, as I read that's best for Buttons. Luckily I have 3 males, 3 females but It was difficult to pick pairs though and I have been getting their new home (a larger hutch I could split in 3 areas) ready.

Today however one of the females (Kiwi) was not looking good, kept falling asleep and I notice now she has been pecked in the head and was bleeding a bit (don't know who was responsible for it). So in a panic I got another cage to separate her out but when I did Banana really attacked Dragon. As I'd planned to pair up Dragon and Kiwi I moved Dragon too. However now here's the problem... Dragon keeps pecking and trying to mount Kiwi (pulling on her head more)... I know that's their way, is that just normal behaviour? but it's quite alarming and should I really get Kiwi alone to let her head heal first? She's looking in better shape in this new cage but still falling asleep a lot.

Back in the main cage, the other two males are now fighting at times (they never did before) and the other two girls are also now quite subdued... Could that be because they're getting ready to lay perhaps as they are about that age? Or are they just missing their pal? Should I get them split into 3 pairs ASAP?

Any advice welcome, thanks. 🤔


Bird lover,idk I'll think of something later 😂
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Jun 22, 2020
Hmm, I'm not sure what I could use... I tried earlier with cardboard but they went crazy, presumably because they couldn't see each other.
I had to use cardboard once but they wanted to see each other so I cut out a window and used plastic wrap to cover up the window a few times around to make it good cuz they do peck and such don't want them making a hole , they eventually got put together and got along fine

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