Button Quails


7 Years
Aug 9, 2012
I ended up with a better hatch than I thought I would, and now I'm overrun with females for once. I would still like to sell them in pairs, but I want to find new homes for a few of them and purchase a few new colors. I have a very limited amount of males right now. I have Golden Pearl, and Wild adults and adolescents for sale. I will have eggs for sale from my Silvers, Cinnamons, Darth Vaders, Tuxedos, Golden Pearls, and Wilds, once they start picking up on laying again. The ages of the quails are from a month to a year old.
Golden Pearl females: $25
Golden Pearl males(extremely limited amount of adults): $15
Golden Pearl pair: $30
Wild females: $15
Wild males: $10

I also have a color that I'm not sure of what it is, asking gets about three different answers. They look like the Darth Vaders, but the spangling on the females feathers are gray and the base color is cream-brown color. The males have a solid gray back and the bib is darker gray with a white line around it, it looks like the opposite of my other colors bibs. They breed true, which is really great, since they are beautiful and probably my favorite color next to silver. I have more of those than anything since they have been extremely broody and they raise their own young very well. I'm selling them as well, but I won't put them under any color since I can't be sure of the accuracy. The females are ten dollars and the males are five.

I may also be interested in trading quails or eggs if there is anyone who is local and has any of the colors I am looking for. Silver, Tuxedo, Cinnamon, Double Factor Blue, White, Splash, Fallow, or any other interesting colors.

If you would like to see pictures of any of them or have any questions about them or Button Quails in general, please pm or text me at 814-853-8671 . I have a hard time with uploading pictures to posts with my phone.

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