Button X Cortunix


9 Years
Nov 16, 2010
West centeral Maryland
Has anyone tried to cross button and cortunix quail? I don't know how close they are and if they will cross but I bet it would give more docile quail than the buttons.

Quail lady I guess you might have the scoop on this.
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My only question.... what good would this be?

Too samll for meat, too small for eggs, I just don't see the usefullness, other than the cool factor.
I know of people who have and my only question is why? Other than trying to create a hybrid that's colorful? I just think that we should preserve both species of quail and if we want to work on colors, work on it within the bird and not bring in a different one.
Quail lady --I was looking at it from the aspect of calming the hyper temperment of the buttons I have seen. I brought in a Cortunix to keep a lone button company and my wife fell in love with it except for it's size. Cortunix are a little too big to keep in the bottom of finch cages.

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