Buy it now 8+ (usually 10 eggs) from my PAINT silikies


13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
8+ eggs from my Paint silkies. I have hatched out some really nice babies from these eggs. I will include pictures of them. You can see pics of all my paints on my website $55.00 includes shipping. No shipping outside the US. I am trying not to hatch any more this year. So depending on how the girls keep laying I may have a couple sets but we will see how it goes. . Please feel to ask me anyquestions also. You can hatch out Paint, solid black, or solid white chicks from these but I have found the ones that hatch white get spots later. You may even hatch an odd color (I never have but have heard its possible with paint). If you would like these just post sold here and send paypal to [email protected] Thanks for looking! The first pics are my breeders and the rest are birds hatched from these very eggs. Also, be sure to read my egg hatching polocy on my website before you buy. These eggs are shipped and I cannot guarentee your personal hatching outcome. I can however guarentee the eggs will arive to you unbroken and fresh!
so so pretty. wish I had the room for more silkies.
Such beautiful Paint Silkies! I would definitely love to have a few of these eggs but I cannot afford the cost of the eggs right now due to being laid off from my job. I have everything needed to hatch the eggs & raise them, just not the extra money now. I too live in PA in Franklin County. Where do you live? I will keep watching to see if you ever have any of these paints when I can afford the egg cost. Thank you for sharing such beautiful Silkies! I love their coloring... like Dalmations.

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