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BST Rules:
Listings that don't follow these guidelines will be removed. Members that don't adhere to the rules will be warned and possibly banned from the forum.

1. BackYardChickens and the BYC Staff do not endorse items for BST and are not responsible for anything related to BST transactions between the members.
2. Buyer Beware -Review the history of the person with whom you are transacting. A BST listing is not the place to post your opinion of the item being sold (that's why we have a feedback system).
3. Be honest and follow through with your sale or your purchase.
4. If you have an issue, try to resolve it privately. If you feel the person is repeat offender, please use the report button so the staff can review. Do not address this in the public forum.
5. Bumping of listings is allowed and will depend on your membership level. (link to member bennies page here)
6. When you bid on an item in an auction type formatted ad, the amount you post in the ad is the amount you are willing to pay.
7. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the BST/swaps sections of the site. You can not swap or buy or sell or conduct any transaction in BST or any part of the forum if you are under 18. This includes asking for and taking in free items or animals.
8. All items or services for sale must actually be available for sale on BYC only. No advertising of listings of items offered on other websites are allowed.
9. Each person must list their own items. You may not list for other people.
10. All transaction items must be available at the time of purchase. All Wanted ads must be placed in the appropriate BST section.
11.Presales/preorders are only allowed to be posted by Premium Feather Members. (The only exception is hatching eggs. Sales may be done no longer than a week in advance to allow the seller to collect eggs)
12. Any classified being run as an auction must have "Auction" listed in the title with an end date. If there are no bids, you may extend your end date and bump your ad with regard to your membership level.

Have a great time and good luck with your buying and selling.

To Accept / Agree To The Rules:
By placing an ad in our BST section you are acknowledging that you've read the rules. No other steps are needed.

More information:

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