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Jun 23, 2009
Northwestern Washington
I drove down to Oregon this weekend and bought 10 culls, 5 females and 5 males, from Holderreads. I'm very happy!

Here's a picture, I'll post more tomorrow.

They look awesome...even for culls. I wouldn't expect anything less from Holderreads though. Let's see, looks like 4 Africans (Brown and Buff??), 3 Embden, and 2 Pomeranian with #10 being camera shy??? Can't wait to see more pics.
They are nice healthy geese and ducks, and you MAY be surprised with a couple of "show offs" in the next generation. DH hasdeveloped a nice gene pool !
4 Africans
2 Pomeranians
1 lavender saddleback
2 white smooth breasted sebastopols

and oh noes... what the heck is number 10?

They are culls for different reasons.

One african is over done... she was hatched this year but looks like she's much older
One african has a beak that doesn't sit together correctly, but on closer inspection it's due to an injury not a defect
One african is under done
Don't have my notes in front of me to comment on the 4th one

Sebastopols, I'm guessing are "packing peanuts" i.e. he has more than he can sell
Pomeranians have mismatched lobes

4 of the 5 ducks in the picture were also part of the purchase

Hillbilly, good eye! I hadn't noticed that before.

Banter, I think I might
though except for the Africans, my intent is just to let them breed however they would like and see what's for dinner... however, having never actually butchered a goose, I'm not exactly sure I can do it.

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