Buying Purina Layena Online? UPDATE: King Brand vs. Purina?


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Jun 26, 2009
I'm hearing here that a lot of folks like Purina Layena. All my feed stores carry is a local brand, which I hear isn't the best. Has anyone found a good place to buy Purina Layena online? I only ave 4 chickens, so I don't need huge qantities, but also don't want to get killed with shipping costs.
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The reason I wouldn't buy online, is because then you can't see if it is fresh (smell it). I would be afraid they would send out old stuff. But, maybe I am just a bit peculiar in that respect. I only buy enough feed for one week at a time, so that it is always fresh. If it is not fresh, it has lost nutrients. I had a chicken with a nutritional deficiency problem, so now I am kinda picky about that.

I do agree that Purina is a very good brand. Another good one is Blue Seal. Maybe you have that in your area? (Or Kent Feed, same company as Blue Seal)
You may want to ask your feed store if they can order Purina products for you.

Also compare the ingredients and % in the Purina and what your local store carries. I have found some Farmers Co-op feed to be better quality than *brand names*.

Just a thought....

King Brand is the only other option I have here. One place tells me it's not so good (they carry Purina, but are not at all convenient to get to). How can I tell if King Brand is the same quality as the Purina? Here's their site:

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