BYC Chookbawk (Cookbook) Recipe Submissions are open!!

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    BYC is ready for your recipes! We are working hard to put together a great cookbook featuring the best recipes that BYC members have to offer.

    First we have a few guidelines that we need to follow in order to make this a great success.

    1. You may submit up to 3 recipes. They may be in any catagory - Appetizers, Beverages, Main dishes, Casseroles, Breads, Desserts, Vegatables, etc.

    2. Recipes should focus mainly on Chicken and Eggs. Other recipes should be held in reserve. They may need to be used later to flesh out the book but for now we want to focus on the best chicken and egg recipes you have in your recipe file box.

    Also - recipes FOR your chickens may be included. Woohooo! Chook cookin' at its best!

    3. Triple check your recipe. Make sure all ingredients are included in the ingredients list. There is nothing worse than having an incomplete recipe and making a flop. Remember this will be a print ready recipe and once it goes to mass production no changes can be made.

    4. Triple check your instructions. Try to keep the instructions direct, simple and easy to follow. We will not be editing your directions. Go through each step of your recipe and be sure to include all the little details as to how the completed dish gets to the table.

    5. Please make sure the recipe you are submitting is fully documented. Please do NOT copy a recipe from another source and call it your own. By submitting a recipe you are telling us that you have tweaked this recipe and now it belongs to you.

    6. If you have a photo to submit the photo should be clear and clean. The food shuld be the focus of the photograph. There should be no photos of foods presented on paper plates on cluttered tables with grandma's pill bottles and the newspapers from the last week piled up in the background.

    7. To make things easy for us all we have developed a Recipe Submission Page . Simply click the link to go to the page. Fill in all the blanks. Pages with empty spaces will not submit.

    8. You must fill in the name spaces. Any recipe that is submitted with a true and proper name and location will be rejected.

    9. Any questions maybe addressed to [email protected]. Please do not submit PM's to MissPrissy (Angie). All cookbook correspondence will be made through the email address. PM's will not be answered. It is too easy to loose the information in the clutter of all the PM's my box seems to generate daily.

    I will try to answer all emails on a daily basis - probably during my late evening. If you send an email in the morning and I haven't answered by noon don't send another one. I will be checking the mail box nightly.



    Let's cook!

    Recipe Submission Page Link

    Go to the recipe submissions thread and start sending us those recipes!!

    Recipe Submissions Thread
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