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Rest in Peace 1980-2020
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Jun 28, 2011
Janet, known to BYC members as jchny2000, have been a member of our community since June 2012. She will often be found in the Other BackYard Poultry forum sections, where she is known for her friendliness, good advice and wonderful assortment of birds.

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I am a wife, mom of 4 children all grown (2 adopted), caregiver for my 80+ year old parents. I retired a few years ago when my parents health began to decline. We sold our home, and built onto their house. Both my parents grew up with poultry and other livestock. Aside from that I love to sew... crafts but that’s on a back burner, its a "someday" thing right now.

I have had a couple different careers. Home economist, Factory worker, Animal control and Accounting/tax prep for commercial construction..

I love to learn. Every day I make a point to learn something new. I also love to help others. I have been a Boy and Girl scout leader, 4H mom, participated in several community national night outs. Former Lions club, I was the first woman accepted into the Lions in my county. Not lady lions, the guys side! Its an awesome feeling to help another person learn too, and be able to help my community.

I admired and learned so much from my grandparents, especially my paternal grandmother Sophia. I was about 17 years old when she passed. Dad was the youngest so I had little time to know her. She taught me that no matter what any animal is kept for, every living thing deserves dedicated loving care, and respect. Gramma treated every living thing as a pet. We are a working micro farm, so some are here for the purpose of feeding our family. My hogs for example all know I love them. They line up at the fence row and know I’m going to rub their belly and scratch those ears, several times a day.

Some pics… Youngest DD at her college graduation. My DH on left, I am on the right

Same DD center, at her wedding last month! They waited until they both graduated to marry. Left is my oldest DD, Right is my new DIL!

And my Baby girl and her proud Daddy

Can't forget the groom!

2. Why and when did you start keeping chickens?

1984 abouts. My first experience with my own chickens were Cornish Cross. Shortly after, we moved to town and could not keep chickens there. After we moved into the newly built house addition, I found myself looking at 5 acres of land. I was already planning to add goats. My SIL was visiting and asked me, are you interested in chickens? Oh MY goodness! It was like a revelation for me, I blurted out YES! My husbands jaw dropped to the floor!

We had really never talked about it. What a strange coincidence, he had also kept chickens, we are both from farming backgrounds. We started out with 6 Gold Laced Wyandotte, 4 Muscovy ducks, and 6 Chinese Geese. These were my first laying breed hens. We wound up with 5 hens and 1 rooster.

Gold laced Wyandotte hens

My goose flock:

On the pond with some Pekin mixed in

Muscovy flock, some of the juveniles


Chocolate/Cuckoo English Orpington. Becoming my favorite chickens here!

3. Which aspect(s) of chicken keeping do you enjoy the most?

Individual personalities. They are so different, no matter how many you keep, you get to know every bird. I can sit and talk to them, yeah I am that crazy chicken lady.. Some are wary of people, some want to sleep in your lap. I know each one as individuals. My birds with names are the birds I adore most, some not so much and have earned it.

Eggs ...

Eggs and more eggs!!!!!

4. Which members of your flock, past and present, stand out for you and why?

Mabel my oldest hen, a Barred Rock. She is at least 4 years old, still lays almost daily. Cheerful, happy little lady and just a sweet, lovable hen.

Bunny, a fiery, feisty Easter egger, RIP. We adopted her with Mabel. Independent, sassy and the only hen that’s hatched and raised chicks 100% free ranged here. Refused to be cooped and would literally starve herself if not free to do as she pleased. We lost her last fall to what we suspect was a stray cat. Bunny found any way out she could, it was a daily thing with her. After she came back with her chicks I realized it was time I accepted her independence.

Bunny’s oldest daughter, LoPro. She is an awesome little Easter Egger. Her legs are shorter than normal, and she is easily seen in the crowd of EEs. Fantastic layer hen, super social and we love her. She was one of my very first incubated eggs.

Going to try to put names to pictures~


Mabel in quarantine

5. What was the funniest (chicken related) thing(s) that happened to you in your years as chicken owner?

Oh, that’s an easy one. Red, my GLW rooster was social until he matured. I was enjoying my lunch, and he was a lap chick when he was young. I spend a lot of time outside. Yes, I eat lunch watching my birds. He came running, jumped in my lap. No worries, that’s Red. Then he snatched that taco right from my mouth and ran off!

GLW Red my first rooster

My other funny was my weird barnyard pair. Our first pig, Bacon and a Cornish Cross LilX were inseparable. She found that he was her best friend, and Bacon loved her company. I kept “saving her”, fearing he may eat her. Both Bacon and LilX would squawk, squeal and be totally upset over my taking her out of his pen, I finally left them alone. LilX loved to ride on Bacons back. Both have passed now, but it was truly an eye opener for me how animals interact.

LILX and Bacon

6. Beside chickens, what other pets do you keep?

A lot! Pet wise, dogs we have 2 little old girls, a Boston Terrier named Suzy and a “Chug” named Sadie. She is Chihuahua and Pug mix

Sassy a very old yellow tabby cat, too old to be a barn kitty now so she is my dads favorite.
Daisy our miniature Donkey, totally a sweet loving soul
Fanny, our Jersey Cow, for milk but frankly, my pet
Sugar and Bocephus, Oberhasli Goats
Cocoa, Nubian Goat doe due to kid any day!
Hogs, I have a Hampshire pair, Oreo and Double Stuff and yes spoiled pets, 3 mixed breed sows
Geese, an American Buff pair, 4 Embden, 7 Chinese - 2 white & 5 brown
Snow Mallards, 9 adults, one just hatched today!
Muscovy, Lavender and Blacks, pied, barred/rippled
Bourbon Red Turkeys
2 Peafowl: a black shoulder cock, indigo blue hen
Coturnix Quail
Guinea Fowl

And I am sure I’ve left someone off, ugh!

Fanny our cow

Daisy our miniature donkey

Our goats

5 new calves we added 2 weeks ago!

#6 is our Moose. He is our new bull. Yes I hauled him home in my car!

Hampshire Bacon bits!

Doublestuff, my oldest sow and her first litter. She is due again any day! I love this hog, she is a big happy pet.

Lastly my Peafowl pair, BS cock, IB hen.

7. Anything you'd like to add?

Yes, thank you BYC for being here! When we started into laying hens and so many other aspects of farming 4 years ago I was concerned because my 6 young chickens were flopping around in the dirt. Had no idea what dust bathing was! My first Cornish never did it. Gramma had not ever mentioned it. I thought they were sick or poisoned! I found my answers right away. As time went on, my first rooster, Red became mean, attacking me. I learned what needed to be done from you. Gramma would have put him in a pot! I have since learned 1 rooster is not enough if you plan to keep several chickens. Dominance is a key thing, and the more fellas I have the less I see aggression between them. Some roosters are not good choices to keep for breeding or for your flock either.

I have so many good friends I would have never met without your forum. Some are no longer active but we communicate on a regular basis. When you are in an Elder Care situation, it can be difficult to have an active social life. I’m not able to leave home much now aside from my parents medical care. Having the opportunity to share what I have learned with other folks, and meet new friends in a family oriented environment is a rare find. I really enjoy helping other folks learn. Enjoy the respectful environment you have very much too.

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Very nice interview Janet! I enjoyed reading about all your animals and the pictures. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with all of us!
Loved getting to see more pics of your farm and get to know more about you Janet! You have been a great source of knowledge for us, since starting with our first chickens this year, as well as the rest of the Indiana BYCers! Great interview!

Wonderful!! Great photos (we never see enough of should post more on the Indiana thread)! forgot to tell them that you started the current Indiana thread that has been a great meeting place for folks in Indiana. Thanks for doing that! [ ]

@Leahs Mom oh my yes, I love our Indiana thread! A handful of us started it in Dec 2012. I watch the other 2 inactive Indiana threads to invite newcomers also. We have a member page as well. On there is lots of quick links to many helpful articles and our member list. We also have several "honorary hoosiers" we honestly don't mind where you live, just jump in and have fun chatting!

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