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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Msbear, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Hi all, I thought I would start a little thread to show my appreciation for some members here whom I've bought things from and was just ecstatic about what I got. It feels good to help another bycer out and, when the deal is right and I get more than what I paid for and we're both happy... that's alright.

    Feel free to post about things you received from fellow bycers that you were happy about.

    #1 Mr Fancy pants daylilies This fella is a West Virginian like me [​IMG] and has a beautiful, thorough site on daylilies. Turns out he was coming to Chickenstock last Spring so, a bunch of us put in orders... well, something came up and the wifey (real chicken person) couldn't make it.. well, he drove something like 5 hours!! to bring all of our lillies. I ordered 5 or 6 different varieties but, only 1 of ea. He sent at least 2 eyes and they are healthy and strong in my garden now. I spent like $30! That same deal would've been easily double that on ebay.. and, no tellin what that box would look like when you opened it.

    a couple shots



    He even sent these awesome stainless plaques with little spikes to keep with the plants so you always know what variety they are. They are simple and look great in the garden. ..I just didn't get them in the pics.

    Thanks Mr. Fancypants!!!

    #2 ... not second place or anything just ordered from more recently in Vfem's jellies and biscottis [​IMG] Oh m'gosh. I cracked open those biscottis and have never tasted one so fresh and good. She writes all the ingredients down so you know what goes in there and I can understand every single ingredient!! [​IMG] I also ordered the clover jelly which Im dying to try. I can just look at it and know it will have such a flavor of summer... I might want to save it for Fall.. I can't bring myself to pop it yet. Anyway, her stuff arrived quickly, in immaculate conditiona and superbly packaged. Way to go, BYC. I can always trust the folks on here. I haven't gone wrong with anyone yet.

    Here's vfem's auction ..just beautiful stuff. The kind of stuff you could show off to Gram and pretend you made it!! [​IMG]
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    Beautiful lillies![​IMG]

    .....Wonder what else Erin has in her garden.......[​IMG]....

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