BYCLC! If You Like Legos, Check This Thread Out!

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  1. BYCLC!!!

    Alright, you're probably wondering "what's this thread about, what does it have to do with Legos and what does BYCLC mean?" Well, BYCLC means BackYard Chickens Lego Club! That's right, this is a thread for all you "Studists" out there to show off your work! There will be contests and voting and other awesome stuff! Rules and guidelines below.

    Rules for General use:
    All BYC rules apply.

    Disagreements should be handled in PMs, not on the thread.
    If there are any disagreements, inform me and keep me informed through PMs and I will do what I can to help resolve it.
    If you don't know if something would be okay or not, PM me and ask before you put it on here.

    How to Enter:
    Take a Picture (or multiple pictures) of your Model (or models).
    Fill out the Entry Form (shown below).
    PM Completed Form to me and I will Post it on the Front Page (or return it if form is missing something)
    (P.S. If you don't think your model fits into any existing category, you can request for me to add another or you can put it in the category of "Other" )

    Entry Form:
    Name of Model:
    *Approximate # of Elements (parts):
    *Approximate Time Taken to Complete:
    *Additional Information:


    Rules for Entries:
    Creation must be made of Legos and/or other brands of the like.
    Creation must not be made of anything else.
    Creation must be made by the person Entering it. (Exception: you can enter a model for someone else who is not on BYC, but the creator will get all credit for said creation)
    Creation must be custom-made, no sets unless they have been heavily modified.
    Other than that, the limit is your imagination.

    Rules for Voting:
    I Will Deciede When The Voting Will Start and End.
    All Voters are Allowed One (1) Vote Per Category and One (1) Vote for Best Overall.
    Participants (people who have entered the contest) May Vote.
    Participants May Vote for Themselves and for Others.
    Victor of Contest Will Receive Bragging Rights, but May Not Overuse That Privilege.

    Current Categories and Entries:

    City Life:

    Country Life:

    Stuff for the Home:

    Land Vehicles:

    Air Vehicles:

    Sea Vehicles:


    Old Times:

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  2. Darn. Thought I had a good idea going here. Guess not. :(
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    Jul 16, 2009
    best coast
    I like Legos. I haven't used them in years and don't have the faintest clue where they are at the moment, but I had a lot of fun with them. I loved building mazes and fortresses. And I liked making little Lego person centaurs too.

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