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9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
P.A/M.D border, USA
Will you be the one?
Well, Actually this isn't a competition....

Anyhow, today I updated my blog and put a fresh post and changed it around a bit....
feel free to visit me at

I would love to subscribe to you!
I am also already subscribed to some of my BYC buddies, but feel free to post your blogs and I will definately read them!

We can make this a place for suggestions, ideas, hot topics and just fun in general! Bring it on. :)


Forms For Your Blogs:
Blog Link:
Blog Description:
Color, if you care :) :

Forms For Blog's You Enjoy:
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BYC Blogs:

Username: Quinn4321
Blog Link:

Blog Description: A simple blog about my animals, pets, and riding career.
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Great blog! I commented on a couple and followed you :D We seem to have a lot in common! I have near the same number of pets as you do, which I don't see a lot.

I only have 3 cats, but one makes up for that. She is at least 5 cats in one. :p
Oooooh thank you! * hurries off to read yours *
I seem to have a problem commenting on blogs ( any blogs) this error message comes up...
I can't remember what it says.I'll post it the next time I try.
Wow, I love your blog!

A really good blog to check out is :)

Thank you! I also have a blog on blogspot as well
However, I usually post on Wordpress than copy and paste everything there. I like the way I can do drop down menus for wordpress :)

Thanks for the link too, I have read a bit of Tilly's Nest a long time ago, so it's something I am going to follow now that I have a blog of my own.
Yeah, I haven't used wordpress before, but I do like blogger. Maybe I'll try Wordpress at some point. :)
And yeah, np, I follow Tilly's Nest they rare really good. I cant remember if I have a thing on my blog which shows all the blogs I follow.... May have to check/change that.
My chickens blog is in my sig. I have been doing it for 3 years now. I have not updated this winter as not much is going on. Might do a little one today since I have new news. Love everyone else blog so much fun reading them.
What would you guys think about having me start 2 lists of blogs at the top:
One for our own blogs, which would have the link, namee of blogger, and a short thing about it

and one for blogs we enjoy reading, with link + short description.

??? :)

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