Bye bye RIR's hello Roo


10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Argos, IN
So since Mister is still a teen rooster and only boss over like 6 chickens..the 6 not laying lol, I have decided to trade him for my 2 RIR's. He is a fairly nice rooster and since I hate these RIR's and probably would make stew out of them, I am going to swap. This will give me a roo to keep around and keep hatching eggs. I was kinda hoping to start this next month with a batch of eggs but I just dont see it happening. I might redo the pens in the coming weeks and section him off with a few of my golden comets and see if we can get some fertile eggs from them. My sister in law that gave me the roo to use is not getting many eggs and these girls lay everyday. I think its a win win. If he hates them she can make stew too lol.

Are there things I can do to keep him submissive to me? He's still scared of me which is fine but I know eventually once he finds out when I"m out there it usually means good food....well he might not be so friendly anymore. I'm also worried about the dog. When the chickens free range the dog is a good protector of them and doesnt bother them. Idont want him to attack her for no reason. She's a faily small nonsense size.
At the slightest hint of aggression, push his back and neck gently down to the ground until he relaxes and submits. Also picking him up and carrying him around, stalking, moving him out of your space -- there are lots of great tips on BYC if you do some searches. I would wear adequate clothing and gloves that protect, just in case and as you learn what his responses may be. Some people interrupt mating in front of them, as another rooster would do. I also went into the coop/run and just stood and observed or went about my business doing chores, without always confronting my rooster, which got him used to my presence as a passive and non-threatening. I handled mine extensively as a chick but never hand fed treats. On the dog, seems normal for a rooster to want to defend against anything unfamiliar or threatening. Maybe introduce in a controlled manner, like dog on leash, after you have a relationship established with your new rooster? Get rooster very familiar with dog before they are free together?
Thanks for the reply. I will do some searches here. I have done dominance over a few RIR's that are just mean. I do go and stand and throw treats to all of them. I go in and pet my other chickens. Most will come up to me. So far he has left me alone in the coop also. I'm not going to change my behavior just because he's there. I"ve been flogged before when I was a child repeatedly. I just want to show him up front I am the boss wether he likes it or not. Just a tad worried about the free range thing but its not time yet..we only just got him about a week ago and he is still not used to our area much or me. I need to be able to pick him up without him running before I will let him roam the yard. There are times I do have to pick up chickens and remove them from certain areas so until he is friendly enough he's locked in. I will work with him more now that I know I am keeping him. As for the stopping the mating..well if he would mate i might have that option lol.

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