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Mrs. K

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Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
So last summer, I hatched out some mutts. One was a rooster. A rooster that is still alive because he got the Bye. He got the Bye because he is such a good rooster. Ugly as sin. Kind of a yellowish white/gray speckled thing. This spring I got a nice assortment of leghorns, and the original plan was to pick a nice pure bred rooster from that. You know, chicken plans just never seem to work out for me.

Bye keeps his ladies together, he is always the first to see me. He breeds birds with barely a feather out of place, none of my birds have feather damage. He quietly moves his girls away from me, keeps a natural 5-6 feet clearance of respect towards me, my grand children, even the excited 3 year old does not upset him. I have not had a day time predator loss since he came into his own, he is good with the baby chicks feeding at his feet, keeps the cockerels in line.

Today, I swept out the coop, cleaned out the nest boxes, and added fresh bedding. Here he comes, following a hen, looking all around, sat down in a corner, moved the hay around and showed her the nest.

He is ugly as sin, and I don't care. I like a mixed flock, and I am not raising pure bred anything. Roosters like this only come along once in a while. The others are being moved along.

Mrs K
He has white in his tail, and a scraggly feather on his leg, but good feet, even wings, but they hang down a bit, a nice comb, even beak. A reasonable crow, not beautiful, but not terrible. And that ugly yellow cast, like he has been peed on.

However, he truly is one of those guys, that the more you get to know him, the better looking he gets.


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