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I run a farm/store and I do an eight week season of C.S.A. Community Supported Agriculture. What it is is Someone who wants to join pays either $184/$92 up front and then the eight weeks they come and pick up $23.00 worth of Organic Vegetables/Fruits/Eggs.

I was just wondering has anyone ever joined one of these...and I was wondering about any ideas on what would make this more appealing to the poeple around here. Right now I get about 20 members per season and if I can get more I can get a raise my boss told me. and i need the money..
That CSA looks like a steal! Here in Vermont, most CSAs, for the whole season, are much more expensive.

Do you have a localvore community?

Advertise on CraigsList (free). I bought some local pig meat direct from a farmer via Craigslist. I did check references.

Advertise to your current members that you are accepting additional members -- do they have friends or family who would like to join? Perhaps you could offer the referring members a slight discount -- or a special vegetable only available to those who have recruited a new member?!

One CSA I was a member of had recipes each week that went with the produce they offered. That was a nice perk, although it didn't cause me to renew the next year. I saved all the recipes in a binder. They are good, because they are in the seasonal order that the produce is ready for harvest.
That is a great rate for a CSA, I would suggest advertising at www.localharvest.org as well. The one I'm in offers different drop off points as well to reach a larger base of people. Good luck!
CSAs rock. We had winter CSA this past winter, and the farmer dropped off eveyone's share once a month in our basement so we got a discount. That was neat because then we got meet everyone else, too. In the fall we got more things like greens but by the last drop, in March, it was just carrots, parsnips, beets, potatoes, onions and garlic. Still, nice local stuff!!

I agree with listing on localharvest. How about flyers at health food stores, too?

It's actually a really good thing.....we buy from other local farms which causes less driving=less carbon put in the air. Otherwise you can buy other exotic fruits and produce that come from half way around the world causing 10* the amount we are causing...it also really is the healthy choice to with only organic..

I like it alot and I would be part of it if I didn't get the stuff for free already.

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