Ca. Bay Area anyone want any Standard Old English chicks???


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Nov 30, 2007
San Martin, Ca
If there is anyone in Ca. that would like some standard old english chicks in about a month please let me know. One of my hens went missing last night and this morning found her and her clutch of eggs. There were 15 eggs. I have since moved her and her eggs into a safer area and plan on letting her incubate them. If you'd like some Old English chicks please let me know asap otherwise I am going to remove the eggs from her, as I have other eggs I need to put under her.

K&H Chicken Farm :

Where are you in CA? If not to far I would like a few.

I am located in the Bay Area (south of San Jose). What I could do is if you'd like some eggs I could probably ship some eggs to you if you'd like. Let me know.

The hen is a wheaten color and the roo is a golden duckwing. I see that you are located down in San Diego. I would rather not ship chicks if I have to. If there is anyway you were able to come and pick them up or if we could find someone travelling down your way that would work to. As I am located in the Bay Area (just south of San Jose).

Because she was sitting on so many eggs there might be others of my OE mixed in. My other OE are I have another wheaten and a silver. Attached are pics. Let me know if you are still interested. I wouldn't classify these birds as show quality but I could be wrong.


I have 2 that are the above color. Wheaten Hen


Silver Hen


That birds are beautiful, but too bad you live so far out. : (
I have a lot of bay area friends, but they are going BACK this weekend to their home this Spring Break from UCSD. They won't be going back until
April 1st.

I guess unless the chicks hatch then, they can't bring any to me huh?

- Tommy
Right now I have 7 or 8 eggs I could ship you. Cost for 8 eggs would be $16. As for shipping what I could do is package up the eggs and go to PO tomorow and get a price if you can give me your shipping zip, and then get back to you on shippping tomorrow and possibly ship out tomorrow. I would take paypal for payment. Let me know if this would work for you.


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