CA State Fair '16 - best day to view poultry?

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    I am hoping that some people that typically show (or just know more than me [​IMG]) can give advice on the best days to go to view poultry for fun at the fair this year.

    Unfortunately, the website does not offer any easy guide when you want to see particular animal or breed. I viewed the entry catalog and it looks like Open Poultry is on Sat. the 23rd? Is that the only day that there will be a decent number of birds? We typically go on a weekday and while there are always some poultry in the Furs and Feathers building, it is usually just a handful of breeds.

    Will the poultry exhibit on the 23rd be worth battling the crowds on a Saturday? Will they be there for viewing Fri night? Any other suggested days? All suggestions appreciated - just trying to get the most out of our Fair Day. I'm wondering if we would have been better off going to the County Fair last month.
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    Anybody even going? [​IMG]

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