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    I'm looking at this incubator for sale on Craigslist, and I'm wondering what ya'll with more experience think of it. One of the important things to me is that it has automatic turner. But I haven't the slightest idea of how a turner actually works! So I don't really understand when he says the trays are electric, but you have to use a switch. Does it mean that 3 times a day you flip a switch?

    "Egg incubator (chick hatcher). Has three tilting trays, reservoir for humidity control, humidity and temperature indicator and one brooder tray. Good condition, works well."
    "The trays are electric but you have to use the switch for them to move. So not auto."

    Thank you in advance!!
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    That looks like a older Dickie's. Good incubators when working properly. The turner switch should have a up position, a center position and a down position. According to how its wired you stated you can make the turner turn manually so what ever that position is----go to the other position for a few hours(center is off) the turner should move/turn a few times a day so if you come back and it has not moved the timer is probably bad. You will need to remove the back to get to it and trouble shoot. You can still get parts but I do not know how mechanically inclined you are to be able to replace the timer if needed----could be a timer switch and not the timer.

    Note this turner does not move slowly like the little turners---when the timer turns it on it will tilt the eggs quickly to another position, cut off and stay off for maybe a couple more hours and come on again for a few seconds. So If you were buying it---it would have to be plugged in for maybe 2 hours before it should move, then it could move in a few minutes---according to where the timer is.

    I do not know what he is asking for it but they are around $700 new----if I owned it I would probably want $250 with it really clean and working properly. It really looks like it needs a lot of cleaning inside.

    I bought one like it at the Auction that the turner did not work for $60 and I put a $100 control(I already knew about) on it. I have a awesome incubator now. That new control takes care of all of it including the turning.

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