Cackle Hatchery Questions?

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  1. NCBantam22

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    Mar 14, 2013
    I have a few questions?
    Can you mix ducks and chicks to equal the 15 minimum? Or do I have to buy 15 ducklings and 15 chicks?
    If you have ordered from cackle, what breed are the extras and roos or pullets?
    What chicken/duck breeds does cackle do the best and worst with?
    This is not really to do with cackle, but any hatcheries that have a special with chicks and a few ducklings(10 chicks and 5 ducks)?
    Or should I just go to the feed store? The guy is a poultry expert and will special order breeds. I can also see them before I buy them and have no limits.
  2. Poultrybonkers

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    Mar 22, 2011
    I think the minimum is 15 I'm pretty sure you can mix them.
  3. Krischick

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    Jul 20, 2013
    Willard Mo
    Cackle has all that info on their web site an currently they are sold out on most of their stock new stock is in January..they run specials like a chicken mix 10 they tell you wat breeds an it is all ways a straight run ratios depend on your order always expect 3 or 4 roos or drakes
  4. popsicle

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    I do think they allow mixing to fulfill the minimum requirements. However, I think when they start taking orders you will be best off to call in rather than doing it online.

    I've heard good things about their Houdans, and some of the colors of Old English Games. You can always watch the "breeder flock" videos.

    I'm overall happy with my current Cackle birds, and will be ordering from them in the spring. However, I will say my Silver Laced Wyandotte is very undersized (though they don't sell bantam SLW). She lays a small egg 6 days a week. I'd say my SLW from Welp (Privitt) was nearly twice as big. My Cackle SLW can fly over a 6' fence. I got the Cackle Surprise, and only kept the one SLW, so I certainly don't have a nice sample size to say that their SLW are all bad (and mine is certainly great for being a producer of small eggs).
  5. chickincrazy

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    Jan 20, 2014
    The middle of nowhere
    E-Fowl sells small order chicks. You can even get as little as two chicks from there- but shipping is more expensive for small orders . I have never ordered from them,though. You should totally try Cackle Hatchery's birds. They are healthy and turn out beautiful when they grow up!!! Trust me, I've ordered from them. My birds did great at show, praise the LORD!!!![​IMG]

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