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    Last week I bought some chicks from my local feed store. He said they were RIR from Cackle. When I told him if they came from a big hatchery they would probably be production reds, He told me you can get PR from Cackle, but these was Rhode Island Reds. Last night I checked their website and sure enough Cackle sells RIR's and PR's.Does anyone know the difference? It really is not important to me as I have no interest in showing chickens, just curious. I would be really surprised if they are true RIR. Thanks for any info.
  2. We ordered RIR from Cackle several years ago and I have to agree that they are crossed with something to up the egg production because they were somewhat lighter in color than we were expecting for RIR's, and the body was streamlined. They were excellent egg layers, but played out early and some had tumors when we processed them at 2 years old. But, after saying all that I will say this....I probably would order from them again if I were only looking for egg layers. They arrived healthy, we didn't lose any and they were active and thrifty. I think its just normal process now to cross them up to pick up the egg laying ability. I could be wrong, does anyone know anything different regarding this? I would be interested to hear thoughts/experiences also. Thanks

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