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Discussion in 'Quail' started by ChrystalGail, Sep 7, 2009.

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    So, as some of you read before I have decided to try the quail thing out. I will be raising them for food primarily (no offense to those who have them as pets). I am going to keep 6 sets of breeders from each breed (Texas a&m and jumbo brown). I would like to have a 3 level hutch type cage with 12 separate cages (4 on each level). I want to have slide out wood and linoleum trays for cleaning that will go under each cage. Here is a rough sketch of what I want:


    Now, my question is... I want to use these wire cube shelf things that I got from Target. I used them a few years ago for a bunny cage and have them hanging around. Each one is 14" x 14" and the spacing is 1.5"x1.5". You clip them together to form cubes or shelves. Is the spacing on these too big for going around the outsides of the cages? If I put chicken wire over them, will that keep the quail in? I'm trying to use things that I already have and not buy many materials. I have chicken wire and the cubes. I will be buying some 1/2" mesh for the bottom and the wood to build it, but that's all I really would like to buy. I'm going to put a roof on the top to keep rain and sun off of them. I will be using one of the 14" squares as a door on each cage. Each cage will end up being 28" x 28" x 14" high. The entire hutch will be 5' tall (I'm short!) and 9'-4" long x 28" deep.

    Well, enough of my babbling... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!!!!
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    Mar 2, 2009
    You May Want To 1. Continue With Your Hardware Cloth For Flooring, And 2. Wrap The Outside Of The Cages With Hardware Cloth To Protect Your Breeders From Predators--
    I Started With Chicken Wire, The Local Hawk Figured Out He Could Perch On The Side Of The Hutch And Play Peek A Boo With The Coturnix Who Would Then Stick Their Heads Out Of The Cage To Look Back Toward The Hawk--- Ta Da! Quail Head Stew For Lunch! --- I Had To Wrap The Outside Of My Pen With Hardware Cloth To Stop This--- It Also Works Great For Coons And Cats Too!
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    How ironic! I just put together a shelf unit today from, the cube materials that I picked up at a yard sale. I don't believe they will work for quail. The holes are too big except for BIG adults, so you'd need other cages to grow out your youngsters, plus, as mentioned above, predators WILL get the birds through the holes, and even with adults, I'm afraid you'd have a problem with birds trying to squeeze through the openings and getting caught.. Coons and cats are notorious for reaching in through the openings, and pulling birds out (whole or in pieces). You might be able to use them as a frame and wrap it all in chicken wire. Whatever way you go, I wish you good luck in your Quail venture.
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    The wire mesh for the floor needs to be 1/4 inch quail feet are very small. quail 2 weeks old can get through chicken wire holes. use the 1/2 mesh you have for the outside front,then use wood or sheet metal for the rest of the outside sides.You be amazed how exspensive cage building gets to be, you will need alot of hinges for doors. A few latches cage building is fun just costly. [​IMG]
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    I use those as a quick free range playpen for both bunnies and chicken, quail are too small for it to work. You'd need to ziptie hardware cloth to it, and rats and raccons can use the holes to get in to your birds.
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    looks like a good setup you going to use those waterers to supply the water?
  7. NancyDz

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    I use 1/2" hardware cloth for the floor of my coturnix cages all the time from the time they are 3 weeks through adult. Never had any problem. As far as the shelving.. I built a guinea pig cage out of it. Use tie wraps to hold it together but the holes are definitely too big for coturnix, you'll have to cover it with something smaller.. chicken wire would work for adults but I'd worry about predators too depending on where their cages are located.

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    Quote:Rough sketch?? I thought i was the only one that used engineering paper for sketches...[​IMG]

    Are you gonna put the cages on a slant with an egg catcher? If not, how ya gonna reach them? I'm 6' tall and a 28" deep cage is just within the limits of my reach. While you're standing on your tippie toes tryint to get the eggs outta there, your quail will probably sense the chance of freedom!

    You might be able to cut some masonite (about $8 a 4x8 sheet) dividers and put doors on front and back so you could comfortably reach all the way inside while at the same time doubling your housing limits.

    As far as the floor and sides go, I use 1/2" hardware cloth for my quail after around 3 1/2 weeks without any problems. A cheaper (and time consuming) option to the sides might be to get a role of "lacing wire" and weave it in and out of the squares in order to make them'd have to weigh the time=money equation for you personally and decide which one wins.

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