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Sep 14, 2014
Hi all,
Just have a couple questions regarding my quail cages I'm currently constructing. First is 1" poultry wire too big for the sides if am planing on keeping them indoors? And lastly what do you recommend for hides/nesting boxes? Or am I better off building something my self?

Thanks in advance
1" is fine inside, not at all acceptable for outside though (raccoons can pull a whole quail through it)
just keep in mind the birds will stick their head anywhere it fits which means they'll be poking heads through the wire. Probably won't hurt anything as long as none get their heads stuck.

They don't really care about hides or nest boxes but you can feel free to throw them in. They will lay eggs pretty much where ever they feel like it (as they get older they'll start laying them in a pile), and they lack any instinct to incubate their own eggs.

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