Caked up nose holes on his beak.. Help!

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Miss Scarlet, Nov 3, 2014.

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    I have read where chickens don't have colds. I have a buff polish rooster that has caked up breathing holes on his beak. He has to breath while opening his moth. I have cleaned these for the last two days. I m thinking of giving him some antibiotics today. He was wormed last week, but I found out, I might have done it wrong, so gonna worm him again. Do any of you have suggestions that might help. The consistency is like scabs or boogers. Sorry, I know that's gross but that is what I'm dealing with.
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    This could be from caked up feed instead of an infection. Can you post a picture of it? Sometimes the feed can build up, and may need to be softened with saline, oil, or peroxide (keep away from eyes.) A toothpick can be used to dig it out if needed. If this is a long term problem, canker can also affect the nares. Below is a picture of canker in the nares of the beak. Canker can be treated with FishZole, which is the same as metronidazole or Flagyl. Here is some reading on canker:

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    I would get her nostrils all cleaned up. Use a damp sponge and clean up the face, beak and nostrils and as Eggcessive suggested, use a tooth pick and clean out the nostril cavity. You will need to towel her up to use the tooth pick. Get her all cleaned up and watch to see if she has a runny nose from a respiratory ailment or she just got into too much feed or even mud.

    Good luck with your bird and welcome to our flock!
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    Yes, definitely clean up the nostrils and then see what you're dealing with. If it seems like a respiratory disease, isolate the bird (if you haven't already) and start him on antibiotics. If your rooster appears to have canker, follow Eggcessive's advice.

    Keep in mind, though, that many respiratory diseases will never really go away. The disease will lie dormant in a bird's body, only appearing during times of stress, and he may be able to spread the problem to other birds.

    Good luck with your rooster! I hope whatever is wrong with him isn't serious.
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    I hope a thorough clean up will make your bird feel better. I would advise a softer stick than a toothpick, maybe a small cotton swab with most of the cotton removed so it fits inside the nostrils.

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