Calcium-Phosphorus ratio for wethers....does this sound ok.

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    I purchased Manna Pro 16% Classic goat.....I talked to a local breeder and she told me thats what she feeds. Calcium min is 0.75%....max is 1.25%......phosphorus min shows no max. I feed coastal burmuda grass hay....not sure the ratio. I ordered the Manna Pro loose goat mineral....Calcium min is 16%...max is 19.25%...phosphorus is 8.00%. Is the ratio good or should I add aflafla pellets? Once they get grown I may leave the classic goat out and just feed very little alfalfa pellets. Would this be ok?
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    This can get complicated...

    The calcium to phosphorus ratio in your goats feed should be calcium 2.7 to phosphorus .3 ...

    so that Manna Pro feed is low on Ca.

    I think you need to go ahead and add AC to the feed to prevent UC if it's not already added.
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    Quote:Yes it is added. And the MP goat mineral has it also. The ratio in the mineral is Cal---min 16% max 19.20%.....Phos----min 8.00%.

    Once they are grown should I go ahead and take them off the grain...and what age...they are 4 months.....they are only getting 1/4 cup in morning. I am keeping the on CB hay, mineral, and should I just feed them alfalfa pellets as grain to up the ratio of Ca. Or should I go ahead and add the alfalfa pellets now....I am getting so many ways people feed their wethers. I just wasnt to feed the correct ratio and prevent UC. I was told that Burmuda hay is very high in phosphorus low in Ca. I have no clue. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.[​IMG]

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