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    Mar 7, 2010
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    OK. I don't know why I am having so much trouble with this!! Here is what I did:

    - Put 1/2 cup salt and 1/4 water in coffee cup, mixed it up well.
    - Put the coffee cup and the entire thermostat/hydrometer (including probe - but did not put the probe in the salt water mixture) in a ziploc bag and sealed it.
    - Waited 15 hours - temp is 79.9, humidity is 43%

    What am I doing wrong? Isn't the humidity supposed to be about 75%? There is no way that it is off by 30%!

  2. panner123

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    Jan 15, 2007
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    It is off by 30. This is how we drown or shrink warp our chicks, thinking the humidity is perfect when if fact it is off by a mile. On some there is an adjustment screw to correct this. On the rest you have to do the math.

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