Call Duck colors


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
I was hoping to find out what the standard colors in the U.S. I googled it and every site says something different!
Blue, buff, gray, pastel, snowy, and white.
Annarie- They are simply gorgeous posters- thanks for sharing the link- its really great to be able to see them all like that- I was more intersted just to compare the differences between Runner colours and Calls. Although they would be the same genetically in most cases- the different body shapes can totally alter the look. Thanks so much for sharing the link
I just checked out the posters and now my head hurts. The blue butterscotch I have look nothing like the ones on the poster. I really have no idea on this whole color thing, I just wish they had the call duck color book in stock. Oh well, I just need some tylenol.
i just re-posted not realising that anyone had responded! Thank you! How do you know when someone replies to your post?
Under the box you post in there is a little box that says subscribe to this topic. Click that and you will be notified via email when someone responds.
Also, at the bottom of the main thread page, there is a link that says "Show your posts" and if you click that, it will bring up everything you have posted or responded to. If it's hilighted, there are new replies on that topic.
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