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    Apr 12, 2010
    I am considering hatching some call ducks this spring instead of buying them. There are some videos on utube of a man with very tame calls he hatched in a toolbox incubator. I am completely new to incubation/ hatching and have some questions:
    1. In order to guarantee getting the two ducklings that I want, how many eggs would I need to buy?
    2. Where is a good place to buy white call duck eggs online?
    3. What is the best small incubator to get for under around $70?
    4. If I incubated them, would they definitely be bonded to me if I spent lots of time with them early on?
    5. Could someone give me the basics of hatching call eggs, or show me a link to a good article?

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    1) Don't limit yourself. Get as many eggs as whatever bator you get can hold. You can always sell the ones you don't keep. Calls are easy to sell.

    2) I have NO idea.

    3) Brinsea Mini

    4) There is no guarantee like that with ANY animal, 4 legged or 2. You do what you can.

    5) Pay attention to this forum, because people here hatch all kinds of birds. Calls are mallard derivitives, so they take 28 days to hatch. Ducks require higher humidity than chickens, so if you live in a dry climate be prepared for humidity issues. Humidity should be at a minimum of 60% days 1-25, then about 80% for lockdown. Spritzing the eggs daily with water helps alot.

    Good luck!!!

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