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8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
Three years ago I made a promise to my daughter. I was had told her that summer we would get call ducks for her and I, she wanted to show hers in the fair. Which I would like to do as well. We had ordered some ducklings through a feed store. Before they had time to arrive I became sick and found out I was pregnant which is very dangerous for me. So I was put on bed rest and was unable to fullfill that promise. As it has been three years my oldest son now wants to have calls as well. I have an existing condition due to my pregnancies that although my doctor says is temporary we're not sure how temperary. It keeps me close to the house alot of the time. And I wanted something that we could do together. I thought it would be a good time to fullfill that promise. The problem is that I am very quikly coming up on the deadline for when the ducklings need to have hatched in order for them to be old enough to show this year. I have bought some chocolate eggs from a wonderfull couple off of this forum. My daughter (in order from favorite down) wants- anacona, self-black, black and white magpie, or grey. My son is interested in blue magpie or self- blue. I am hoping to get some sq call eggs. I have alot of experience with incubation and emergency situations that arise with hard to hatch breeds but have never done calls. I believe that all animals that enter my home are apart of the family. I am also proud of the fact that my children enjoy caring for our pets and assure you that this is a project that we are doing together. In otherwords this is not a situation where the kids will lose interest and the calls that you have worked so hard for forgotten. they will be apart of our daily lives. In fact my daughter is saving for duck diapers:) If you have any of these colors and feel that you could spare some sq eggs then please let me know. I've got an incubator that is lonely, help me fill it:lol:
Not sure about local hatcheries where you are...I bought day old call ducks from a local supplier which solved the incubator issue. It would probably solve your timeline issue regarding getting them ready for the next show. Just a thought.
Well, I had thought about ordering some through the local feed store as I had a few years ago but I do not want to support shipping those little ones as it is extra hard for them as well as being an extra long trip up here. I quite enjoy incubating with my kids. It is simply a matter of finding someone with eggs by the end of the week soo that they would arrive here in time.
I do not wish to ship live birds up here as it takes an extra long time for them to get up here and do not feel that it is fair to the bird:) I would prefer to take my chances with hatching eggs:)
Try sending a private message to duckluck. I dunno if she ships eggs at all, but she has the Self-Blacks and Self-Blues, as well as Grays. There aren't many people working on the Self Black and Blues in Calls, so it's worth a shot if you want to get started in them! I have one pet quailty Black drake from her now, and I'm on a waiting list for a SQ male/female pair this summer!

And yes - he is a Black Call, not a BEI!



Thank you for your responses! I am going to buy leg bands believing I will have eggs soon!
We will get eggs! We will get eggs! we will get eggs!
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