Call duck eggs


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
What color are call duck eggs?

I have a grey and white call duck and I have been finding blue eggs on the floor of my chicken coop and I'm not sure if one of my young cross bred hens is laying them or perhaps it might be my call duck?
Ive had call duck eggs range from white to bluish white, to greenish white..Do you think some of your mixed chickens might be a colored egg producer?
i've ordered call duck eggs .... and received all of the above: white, bluish white, and greenish white.... out of a bluish white i got a pastel (or so i've been told), i did get a gray (mallard colored... so i've been told ) out of the other (white) egg.

i posted pics and a call duck breeder responded as to the projected color of the ducklings.

i have 44 call duck eggs in the bator now: a mix of blue, white, and green.

Thanks for your help! I do think they are duck eggs as they all have that waxy like feel to them! The cross bred chickens could have arcana or Easter in them wonk don't know what they will lay yet... Though I think they would use the nests because they are in there all the time!
I'm pretty excited to hatch some of these in spring! I wonder what a grey and white and and a blueish black eith green head cross will make!!

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