Call duck injury


12 Years
Mar 21, 2007
Northern New Jersey
A few weeks ago one of my call ducks got frostbite on both of his feet (i think). The webs of his feet seem to be peeling off. Now she cant walk well at all. What should i do? I have her inside right now in a large dog crate with food, water, and hay. Will she ever be able to walk again? I dont think i should put her back with the others until she can walk, right?
That's a tough one. If you can, let him float in a tub of water for as long and as much as he wants. It will keep the weight off his feet. You will need to make sure the water is changed often, as the poop can cause infection if his skin is open. When he is out of the tub, you can smear neosporin on his webs and make a shoe out of a thick pad of non stick gauze and tape them on his feet. You will need to remove and reapply after each bath. This will keep his feet clean. You can dissolve one or 2 aspirin in a gallon water for him to drink to control pain.
Of course if he is in obvious pain and suffering, you may have to consider putting him down.

I knew a duck who had frostbite, but luckily she recovered and just has chicken feet now.

Keep us posted!
explain to me what her feet look like. r they brown or black? spot of it or big patches of it ect? can u take pics of them? any swelling? what do u see when u look at them besides peeling? yes keep isolated and off feet as much as possible and in a warm place that is quiet. is she sneezing or coughing or any symptoms of being sick also?

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