Call Duck Mating Questions


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Jul 14, 2020
Hello, I have a few questions about call duck mating. Any help would be appreciated!

Lately, I've noticed that my hen (5 months) and my drake (8 months) have been mating about 3 times a day. They would head bob for a bit, then she would flatten herself for him a few times before he finally mounts. Once she starts shaking he'll get off.
She hasn't started laying yet, so would mating be harmful to her?
I have heard that some drakes can be aggressive, so would his behavior count towards that?
Should I be concerned about how many times they mate?
When should she start laying and what are signs that she will start soon?
Will her first eggs be fertile if they continue to mate?
By the way, does anyone have an idea of what colors a snowy drake and white hen would give me? Pictures would be great if anyone has any :D

Thanks! Again, any help would be appreciated


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