call duck question we live on a river would they be gone first chance?


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I really like these little ducks but am afraid they would be gone first chance unless penned 24/7.
We are in florida and live on the withlacoochee river and we also have springs that come down the side of our property. So we are surrounded by water, my chickens don't go near the water when they are out for the day but I am afraid ducks would jump in and be gone.......

I have probably answered my own question....???
Ducks+water= like kids in a candy store. They will run to it, fly to it and swim in it. You may or may not ever get them to come off the water. They may drift swim way out of visual sight to your property. They Re small enough to be picked off by hawks ect. To prevent your own heart ache if you plan on having some, build them a flight pen with a pool to swim safely in so yu watch them and keep them close and safe.
Yeah if the water is fast moving I wouldn't ge them unless they can be contained, one time when I went swimming with my 15lbs jumbo pekin duck hen the water evenulled her down stream, luckily she was on a leash!
Lots of people who have Calls keep them in confinement. Pens are sometimes gorgeously designed and landscaped. Calls are very vulnerable to predators because of their small size and they need to be protected.

Any duck, not just Calls, will go and explore any water. They might swim away and not come back. Also, if you have a river and you are located in Florida, you are certain to have critters living in that river that will eat ducks.
Thanks everyone.............. I guess I knew the answer already.

I think I was just hoping that by some slim slight chance maybe they had a strong homing instinct????You know go play in the water and then go to coop when tired and hungry like chickens.
So I guess until I build a nice size duck resort I will stick to land lovers and leave the water for the wild life and boaters.
Thanks again everyone........

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