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Aug 11, 2009
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I have two big ducks but today I was overwelmed by the cuteness and bought a pair of black call ducks. I know black is not an APA recognized color but hey CUTE. anyway, what is their life expectancy? any special needs ? I know they are seasonal layers. thanks
I have not personally raised call ducks so may not be able to help. I have never read about any special needs. Hope someone else can be more helpful.
Are either of your two big ducks Males?

I had a swedish drake in addition to my call ducks (he had three sedish girls of his own) and he tried to mate my call duck girls - and he was MUCH bigger than they are.

I had to get rid of him and his girls because I liked the calls better. Alternatively, you could just keep the two sizes seperate. I didn't have the facilities to do that.

If you have female big ducks then you probably won't have a problem. If you have a male call duck, he'll try to mate with them and he may be succesful
but I doubt it.

Other than the size problem, I adore my call ducks, they are so funny. Not "lap ducks" but they are friendly enough, and they make me laugh. They love to be squirted with the hose, and every time I get the hose out for any reason, they all come running and mob me begging to be sprayed.

eta - no special concerns, they can be treated like big ducks (not necesarily Pond Safe 24/7, but if ya lock them up at night, they can freerange to an extent.) Not sure on life expectancy, never looked it up. They are seasonal layers, but since it got cold so early, one of my females has been laying again - the eggs aren't fertile so far, but the boys are getting that "springtime feeling", too
so they may be soon.

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I only have three call ducks that I hatched this year. I love them!

I don't know what kind of big ducks you have, but calls can fly.

They usually only lay in the spring. Other than that, they should be like caring for you other ducks.
I've only had my call ducks a short time and they're mutts bless em. But I was looking up how long they live and read it could be up to 20 years. Obviously I don't have any experience of this but I'm-a-hoping to hold on to them for that long.
I have six call ducks and 4 large ducks, they all seem to get along just fine. Have males and females of call and big. I will say that when the call ducks are out with the larger ducks, the calls are the bossiest and hog the pond. They all eat the same thing.

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