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johnson's waterfowl does they are much cheaper. but min order is 15 for calls. they are in minnesota.

36882 160th Ave NE
middle river, minnesota 56737 no website you can call and request free catolog 218-222-3556

call duckling are 5.00 to 8.00 each. 15 min.

shipping is 9.50 - 21.50 depending on your zone. for 15 ducklings.

white calls 8.00
snowy calls 8.00
grey calls 5.00
pastel calls 5.00
black calls 5.00 some are bibbed
blue calls 8.00 some with bibs limit of 5 per order.

assorted calls 5.00 varetity of colors
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Check feather auction, they usually have birds listed. Your best bet however is to try and find a breeder close to you. If no one comes to the front on this site check out the call breeder organizations and see the directory, that should help. Alternatively you can purchase them from a variety of breeders farther away and just have them shipped, the only drawback to that is the price of shipping.
yep, that's true. If you want decent looking birds, by far go with breeders. I've seen a lot of hatchery calls, just like chickens all they care about is mass production with no emphasis on quality at all. A lot of them arent even true to the color purchased and will almost all end up way over sized and off type.
There are quite a few very good breeders on here.
Also just my opinion here, but never buy a thing from efowl, all they are are brokers and you always end up paying double for lower quality than what you can buy direct from a breeder for. again, that's just my 2 cent worth on efowl and the like.
If you go onto the national call duck website and look at the state directors you should be able to find out about breeders in your area:)

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