call duckling acting lethargic- please help!


5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
I have four 1 week old call ducklings. They were all fine yesterday, but this morning one of them was acting lethargic. It doesn't run and splash around like the others, although it does walk to eat and drink, which I take as a good sign. Aside from that, it just stands or sits and stays still with some very slight wobbling/quivering. I read in Storey's Guide that it may have been botulism from bad feed, which could be a possibility because they did get their feed fairly wet. I gave them new feed (starter, non-medicated) and molasses water to act as a laxative and clear their digestive systems. They also get their brooder pretty wet, but I change the bedding every day. This is my first time raising ducklings. Any advice is appreciated.
Seen you posted this yesterday, how is the ducklig today? Do you have a heat source in brooder?
Does he have any other symptoms besides being lethargic such as sneezing, stuff in eyes etc?
He is still alive and seems to be doing a bit better. I added niacin to the water and he's a bit more active. However, he's quite small compared to my other blue fawn. Almost as though his growth is stunted. Any ideas?

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