Call duckling care and call duck care.

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May 24, 2011
On, Canada
The sticky i posted breaks down varies feed choices, you can do chick starter but will need a niacin supplement, or a broiler starter which usually doesn't or a flock raiser/all flock which usually doesn't or a duck dedicated starter lol

Generally i prefer a multi purpose starter and then i use my chicken grower(actually pullet grower which is a 16% pellet for maintenance) and some scratch, i do toss a wee bit of whole corn but find most of mine cannot eat it lol too small in the bills.

Forgot! mine are all on the ground! so access bugs, dirt and whatever happens to crawl, fly or wiggle by.
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Jun 29, 2019
I give my call ducklings 1 tbs per cup of feed. I do this until they grew in their feathers and stop growing. Currently I feed mine non medicated chicken feed and I mix in some Brewers yiest twice a week. If u plan on using chicken feed the non medicated feed part is VERY important.
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