call duckling die in shell


9 Years
Oct 1, 2010
Red Creek, New York
had a call duckling pip but die in shell. it had a deformed beak with only one nostril and skinny bill. tongue hung out because bill was so skinny.

anyone elese have this happen or just a freak thing?
There was someone on BYC that had ducklings that died right after they pipped internally and had a similar problem with deformed heads and bills. But, they weren't calls.
I'm sorry.
I've hatched a few call ducks, and I've had a couple die in the process of hatching, but I didn't notice any obvious deformity. Your case may just be a fluke. If it should happen to another from the same parent stock, then it could be a genetic flaw that you'd want to avoid.
Freak accidents happen, even when you are doing everything right. Some problems can be caused by a lack of certain vitamins inside of the egg. I put my duck for hatching eggs on a supplement. Sorry for your loss, don't give up.
I just lost 2 Calls at pip. 1 absorbed its yoke, 1 did not. 0% hatch..... very disappointing & heartbreaking. I know how you feel, sorry to hear of your loss.

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