call ducks or clearview hatchery

I've never bought from efowl, but it has a not so good reputation. Sometimes they use stolen pictures. I don't know much else about it.
I have also heard not so great things about efowl. Never heard of the other ones. If you search efowl in the search bar you can read all of the bad reviews from members.
Efowl seems to be an outlet that does not have ducklings on site or hatches themselves. They have hatcheries drop ship for them, and sometimes screw up with letting them know what sexes etc. Better off to go directly. Metzer Farms is a very reputable source, and I'm sure there are others. Why don't you list what breeds you are looking for? I'm sure that will help to suggest a good hatchery.
I highly recommend Metzer Farms. They have a good selection of birds, good prices and great communication. I ordered three ducks--different breeds and all female. They were born on a Tuesday in California and arrived on the coast of north Carolina very early on Thursday morning. All healthy and all still looking female so far! Lol my ducks didn't even seem phased from shipping. As soon as I got them out of the box they hopped right to doing what it is baby birds do.
I got some ducks this spring from e-fowl. They were GREAT! I couldn't tell them apart from some that I got from another source. That suggests that they drop-ship from other hatcheries or individuals. And that's not necessarily a bad thing: Small hatcheries or individuals that specialize in certain breeds often are more dedicated and have better quality then some of the "big guys".
If I were you, I would research and find a reputable breeder-I got hosed buying Call eggs off of ebay and ended up with 2 Bantam Mallards and 1 Gray Pied Call. Not that I don't love them, just not what I paid for. Lesson learned.

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