Call ducks fighting


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
Hi I have four call ducks, they all came from the same brood, today when I got home I noticed that they have kicked one out of the group and peck him anytime he comes near. I also have 3 mallards, so the call kind of hangs on the outskirts of the group with the mallards between him and the other calls.
Why Would the other calls start to pick on him?
You didn't mention the flock dynamics? in other words how many drakes, ducks etc. There could be any number of reasons, as birds age they most definitely establish a pecking order, it can be based on a few things, sexes being one of them, age playing a role too.

Hi going quackers, they are all the same age and are 4 months old. There are 3 males and 1 female, they seem to have singled out this guy specifically. The mallards are staying out of it. It is pretty sad to see him all alone.
I see okay, well your ratios are a BIG problem and likely leading to where the issue is, drakes will fight for dominance over the females, any way you can switch this up? i have 4 calls myself BUT 3 are ducks, 1 drake.. the older female isn't the most fond of the younger two girls but they get on alright, i keep them all penned together but house separate at night to avoid to much fuss and arguing.
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