Call ducks soft shelled eggs for 2 years staight?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by crystalchik, Jun 18, 2010.

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    I have pair of calls...hen is about 3 years and the male is about 2 years older. The hen has an angel-wing, but she has layed soft shelled eggs for about 2 years straight. They are on Egglayer pellets, i have offered fine oyster shells, and even tried forcing a Tums at a more serious time when I though she was egg bound. This year, out of I dont even know how many eggs, 2 were shelled, but EXTREMELY thin.
    What am I doing wrong or is there something wrong with her?
  2. are you feeding egglayer pellets for chickens or waterfowl? I didn't know they made a specific egglayer for ducks or any other poultry besides chickens...

    I'll admit I'm no expert at all, I've never had issues with soft shelled eggs in ducks, in chickens its just too little calcium which i fixed with added crushed and dried eggshells and oyster shell to the diet. I know ducks need more protien and calcium too I believe than chickens. My muscovy laid 11 or 12 very nice eggs that just hatched yesterday into 8 healthy babies...I feed to all my poultry game fowl feed (about to start a switch to a mix including flockraiser) with free choice oyster shell. Anyway I'll wish you luck on a more knowledable source will arrive shortly with better information!
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    try flock sounds like you need more protein and or calcium in their diets...
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    Quote:There's a Mazuri Waterfowl Breeder diet that's meant for ducks or geese when they're laying, and Purina makes a Duck Breeder chow that, again, is meant to be fed during the breeding/laying season.

    I feed my ducks (they're mostly Campbells and Hookbills, all CRAZY egg layers) a mixture of Purina Duck Grower (because I can't get the Breeder ration here) and chicken layer crumbles, with oyster shell available in dishes inside their pens (they eat a little bit every day) and all their egg shells are hard and strong.

    Could just be that it's something with your Call's chemistry. I dunno. It's weird. [​IMG]
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    I have 1 grey call hen who always lays soft-shelled eggs. Sometimes they are borderline hard, but never an actual egg shell. She gets free-choice layer pellets and oyster shell. All of my other calls lay normal eggs, so I am convinced she has a problem internally. She is also quite small.
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    I have a small white call duck that lays soft shell eggs as well. I have been giving her powdered limestone because she never seemed to eat the regular oyster shells. She had been laying up till this time but has stopped laying. It does say online that once you rule out nutrition an oyster shells, that it is probably a problem with their oviduct being under developed. They recommend culling the bird for breeding. I hope this is not the case for my girl, but if it is the case she can walk around with my other white calls and just enjoy swimming!

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