Call Ducks

call ducks are huge , cause the are so cute and little, well thats just what i think...good luck finding I mean. I have snowy mallards they are just as cute...
Are you selling any snowy mallards? or even fertile eggs. That would be awesome.
yes I have 13 snowy mallard ducklings for sell right now..but where are you, I dont ship,
Im sorry Hope your close..I have pics on the ducks thread of them..
I don't but you may have better luck in the fall, show breeders usually way over produce and wait for them to develop before "culling" out the ones that don't have "the required deformities" needed to meet the show type requirements. Often they will give away the 'pet quality' culls, What the heck they are too small to eat and most don't get their kicks by killing those cute little duckies. The thing is that most don't advertise or ship you are goinf to have to find them, ask and pay for shipping which isn't cheap these days. Good luck!

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