call ducks

I have had lots of calls and Never once have had one fly away. They might fly across the yard but never away...

Make sure you give them a good feed during breeding season, I used to feed my Calls and Indies just Lay pellets during breeding season and had terrable fertility and hatching, Then the next year I have them Lay Pellets mixed with a little puppy chow, and lots of greens with the same breeder birds and had MUCH better luck.. Im thinking it was the feed because I didnt change anything else...
if you buy a grown pair i would clip wings . they will fly away if they arent use to their new home. i bought a pair and one flew away the first day when i brought them home. i only had it home for about 10 mins it escaped out of the box. it flew 100 yards away into woods never to be seen again. i even left the female in cage out so she wouls call him back but it didnt work.

duckling you raise and hatch are different. i wouldnt clip their wings.
I just would throw my new calls in my yard and never had one fly away, however last week for the first time ever I was able to see one of my calls fly about 20 feet, quite poorly.

To be safe I would clip or keep caged, I have started keeping them caged, I would hate to see one of mine fly away.
any one know of a reputable breeder i could get call duck -ducklings or eggs from???
any one know of a reputable breeder i could get call duck -ducklings  or eggs from???:drool

Theres quite a few breeders on here with good birds. CelticOaksFarm may have some adults, or eggs for sale. She has really nice ones!

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