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    Aug 12, 2013
    What are the pros and cons of keeping call ducks?
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    Dec 22, 2009

    They're adorable [​IMG]

    They eat less than larger ducks

    They're popular for poultry shows

    They don't need as much space as larger ducks.


    They're still messy

    They're harder to hatch

    Good quality birds are quite expensive

    They're quite loud
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    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    They are fairly predator prone, plus being bantams you have to be cautious mixing with other birds. As well, they are excellent fliers. The females are LOUD and i mean echoing through great distances loud and i even own a macaw so i know loud lol

    Pretty pricey too, i consider them hard to find, mind you that will likely vary on where you are but for me it was a definite challenge. I have heard mixed opinions on their mothering skills and their hatching abilities in general(bird and incubator)

    They are quite personable and actually hardy, the first day or so they are awfully delicate. Being such compact birds they are quite easy to tame and handle, quite talkative to their owners, my oldest female bonnie chats up a storm, her mate does his best but drakes make little noise. Food consumption is minimal, they love water though and probably more than any other duck i have here, they even sleep in the pools they have.

    Mine are housed in a fairly roomy coop(4x4) and then have a dog run of a 10x10(6ftH), so they are on the ground, the run is covered so they are full flight but that wouldn't necessarily work for everyone.

    I keep a quad, so 1 drake and 3 females. Mine are purely pets, i don't show nor do i really intend to breed, they are basically our "toy" ducks whereas the rest we keep have a job to do.( eggs and pest control)

    These are my oldest two


    and my younger two

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